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You Called to share your optimism about finding AFFORDABLE VR training regardless of the size of your organization – large or small.  You were hopeful about finding a way to EFFECTIVELY train your employees regardless of their location.  You were excited to begin EXPERIMENTING with the technology and were looking for HELP to get started.
Created by Vectorstall from the Noun Project Created by Vectorstall from the Noun Project

We Listened and immediately began developing IMPACTFUL off-the-shelf eLearning with an emphasis on QUALITY.  To accomplish this, we partnered with experts in OSHA regulations, visionaries in the field of workforce development, and emotional intelligence to identify the knowledge gaps found in traditional learning.

And Launched the “Gotta Start Somewhere Beta” program. The current library (housed in an LMS) consists of micro training modules that address the most common safety topics related to total worker health, hazard identification, and situational awareness. Each module includes an eLearning component as well as an interactive VR experience to test for subject matter competency. The best part is – if you have a VR headset GREAT, but if not – no problem. You can simply interact with the content in a web browser via keyboard or mouse!


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By signing up during this Limited Time offer, you will receive ALL ACCESS to the following courses for the next 60 days for only $29.97!

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The 360immersive team will provide all Beta Testers that participated in the Program, a discount code good towards 30% off the 1st year annual subscription.

Experiential Training to Advance Today’s Workforce

VR for the Masses®

Working in collaboration with passionate industry experts to develop VR safety training that empowers people to proactively take responsibility for their mental and physical well-being.

Our vision is to positively impact 1 million lives through exposure to immersive technology by 2022. We believe in the strength and uniqueness of all individuals. We take pride in extraordinary personal and team performance. We take a purposeful and active role in our local and global community. We create tailored and magical learning experiences.


Limited Time Offer

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Upon purchase, you get instant access to all VR courses for the next 60 days.  We will also be available to offer support and answer any questions you may have.


The program launched June 1, 2021 and will run until August 31, 2021

No! You can still interact with the VR content and View in Browser using your
keyboard and mouse. For a more immersive experience we recommend a VR headset, but it is not required.
You can interact with the content displayed in a webpage by clicking and dragging or panning (like in Google Maps) with your mouse.
Desktop or laptop computer using a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari),
a keyboard, and a mouse.

At launch, only the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 mobile headsets.

Yes! We have done our best to make reasonable accommodations including adding closed captions, narration, and screen reader functionality to all content. If you should experience any issues, please email us at or call 888-843-9850 M-F 8am-4pm Mountain Time Zone. For more information, please visit
The app is currently available for sideloading to the Oculus Quest and Quest 2
headsets. The latest version and instructions can be downloaded at
The team is working with device manufacturers to release the app on public
storefronts on a variety of platforms. As additional headsets are added to the program, we will update them on this page.

At launch, the team is working to add the Oculus Beta Test app (Train 360) to the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS) stores.

You can email us at or call 888-843-9850 M-F 8am-4pm Mountain Time Zone.

As a Beta Tester, you agree to provide feedback about your experience interacting with and testing the Beta content. A 360immersive representative will reach out to you via text, email, or survey to solicit your thoughts and ideas. The 360immersive team is seeking candid input and suggestions for improvements, software issues/bugs, content revisions, etc., prior to product launch. Additional questions that may be asked include: amount willing to pay for a subscription, ideas for additional training topics, type of hardware you have, enjoyment of the experience, or your level of satisfaction regarding the user experience/user interface.

The 360immersive team will provide all Beta Testers that participated in the Program, a discount code good towards 30% off the 1st year annual subscription. This discount is good for all employees under the company name that is registered at the beginning of the Beta Program.

If there are software issues/bugs identified, we will revise that content immediately. Otherwise, there will be no additional training content added during the Beta Program.Revised content per the feedback we receive, as well as new content will roll out in September 2021.

For the best user experience, we recommend a connection speed of at least 25 Mbps. Our video content contains a quality selector to ensure fast playback on lower speed connections.

We offer 60 days access to the library for all Beta Testers. Once the offering expires, you will no longer have access to the library. You may choose to sign up for a monthly or annual subscription thereafter! Discounts will be offered to all Beta Testers.

All sales are final. The 360immersive team is providing this Beta Test Program at a discounted rate by invitation only to improve upon this offering. By signing up as a BetaTester, you waive your right to request any refunds.

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